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Life at home for as long as I can remember was filled with arguments, doors being slammed, lots of shouting and swearing, lots of strangers coming to our house, loud music and parties. All my parents used to worry about was us keeping quiet to the outside world and pretending everything was fine. But everything was not fine. My parents would sleep most of the day and party at night. I now know this was because they would spend their time recovering from drink and drugs.’ ‘My social worker arranged for me to talk to a youth mentor from Spotlight UK. I felt so relaxed talking to them, they were so kind, understanding, funny. I have been able to talk to them about everything that I had bottled up. They have helped me cry, laugh and I now know it was not my fault. After a few months, social workers decided it was not safe me and my brother to return home. They let us stay with an amazing family who treat us like we are part of their family. The team at Spotlight have helped me so much and worked with me and supported me through the whole time. I was given someone to talk to, I was given free space in holiday club and dance classes where I was able to make new friends but also meet other children who have experienced similar to me.’ To find out more about how your donation will help children like Jessica and the hundreds of other children we support every year through our sports and performing arts classes, mentoring in schools, and our emergency foodbank provision please visit our ‘What We Do’ page. As well as Mentoring we also provide a number of services to support children and young people living in Hampshire and Berkshire. These services include providing for those who really need it. Thank you for your donation today!

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