What do we do?



Food Bank

In 2020 food banks became an essential resource for millions across the UK. There are many reasons that someone may need to use a food bank. They may have lost their job, fallen on hard times or may have been impacted by the economic implications of the pandemic.

Charity Shop

Come and have a look in our Shop, All the proceeds go back in to the charity to help out Adults and Children in the community

Open Monday to Friday  10am till 5pm,  Saturdays 10am till 4pm

Dance, Drama & Singing

The aim is to create classes where children can have fun, grow in confidence, reach their potential, improve self esteem, develop self worth, feel safe and smile.

Child and Youth Support

We provide 1-2-1 mentoring and emotional support for children and young people aged 7-19 years from vulnerable backgrounds                                                 

Family Support Service

Spotlight’s team of Family Support Workers support families cope with what life throws at them.  We support parents cope, help to develop confidence and self esteem of parents.

Body Positivity

At the heart of our body positivity programme is giving people the tools to accept and love themselves. Promoting self-worth and tackling mental ill-health during our sessions aim to be a starting point for a further journey of self-love and acceptance.     

Care Packages

Giving a little bit of hope and care to those who need it most. Started during the Covid-19 pandemic, this package is designed to help young people smile in tough times.  

Christmas Appeals

Spotlight run multiple appeals leading up to the Christmas period to help those in need of support. We run a toy appeal for local children, Christmas stockings for the elderly and Christmas hampers. 

Education Rescue Berkshire

Spotlights UK is launching a campaign called Education Rescue. We are going to work two groups of 6 children a week for one hour per group and work with 7 schools across West Berkshire.


support us and change the course of a child’s life today!

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