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The Box 3rd March 2019

An original one act musical written by Jen Bird & Simon Driscoll hits London's West End on 3rd March at 7pm...

‘When the unthinkable happened, she couldn’t bear to think at all... She buried her feelings deep down inside herself, sealing them all away inside a locked box she refused to touch. Now the time has come to open the box, and face what lies within...’

“The Box” is a story of loss and discovery. A story of finding hope even in the wake of tragedy; because no one we love can ever truly be lost...

From the team who brought you ‘The Island of Lost Children’ and ‘The Best Murder Mystery Party Ever.’

This production is in support of children’s charity Spotlight UK.

Tickets are £10 - call 01256 325420 or email admin@spotlightuk.org to book tickets.