Spotlight UK

Welcome to Spotlight UK

Proud to be providing affordable activities for all to increase confidence through social interaction


We aim to:8-16 years old 3

Increase confidence, self esteem and social interaction. 

Bridge the gap between young and old. 

Develop skills and relationships 

Help people realise their full potential 

Offer practical and emotional support 

Help to improve fitness, mental health and sense of wellbeing

Provide new learning opportunities and help to improve employabilty

Help people make healthy choices and encourage people live healthy lifestyles 

Help to reduce anti-social behaviour, crime and bullying in young people

Help to create peer support networks and offer positive role models adult

Our charity invites the whole community to come together by creating opportunities for young to old through activities that increase confidence, self esteem and social interaction

Encourage Team building and help build leadership skills

Encourage Young people to undertake volunteering programmes to help their local communities 

Help to raise aspirations, develop ambitions, increase motivation and improve their life prospects and broaden horizons and increase hopes for the future  

Help people engage with peers 

Help people express their feelings and emotions 

We value one and all



Registered Charity No. 1129258